My role in 'Pankh' is very outlandish: Bipasha Basu

My role in 'Pankh' is very outlandish: Bipasha Basu

"My role in 'Pankh' as Nandini is very bizarre. There is no set guideline and its completely outlandish. It is something very unusual. In every appearance and scene she is different, it depends on her mood," Bipasha said here at the promotion of her upcoming comical flick 'All the Best'.

Bipasha, who started her Bollywood career with bold characters in 'Jism' and 'Raaz' feels that she would like to be known for her acting skills rather than her diva image. "I don't want to get complemented just for my looks. I have learnt with every film and I'm gracious. I don't want to fit in any category, I just want to work," Bipasha said.

And if 'Pankh' sees Bipasha as an imaginary character created by the protagonist, 'Lamhaa' portrays the actress in a completely different light, where she had don the role of a simple Kashmiri girl.

"I play a Kashmiri girl Aziza in Lamhaa and being dusky was not a challenge for me. I have beautiful skin and my colour is shared by 90 per cent of the Indians. People spend lakhs of rupees to get their skin tanned, when you watch the film you'll find out on your own," Bipasha said.

The Bollywood beauty is also excited about her upcoming film 'All the Best' directed by Rohit Shetty which sees her opposite actor Ajay Devgan. "It brought the 'No Entry' taste back to me. All the best reminded me of No Entry. We laughed all the time. My character in 'All the Best' is of Jhanvi who is married to Ajay Devgan, it's fun to work with Ajay and he is a fantastic actor," Bipasha said.

The actress who is very conscious of her figure in her real life plays a woman who runs a gym which is in bad shape. "Although she is the most sane person in the film Jhanvi runs a dilapidated gym. Frankly, I would never join a gym like that," the actress joked.