Cinema century turns yesteryear heroines nostalgic

Cinema century turns yesteryear heroines nostalgic

Cinema century turns yesteryear heroines nostalgic

Yesteryear heroines- Sahukar Janaki, Vaijayanthimala Bali and B Saroja Devi, were overwhelmed with emotions and became nostalgic as they shared their journey and thoughts on being a part of 100 years of Indian cinema.

"It was very nice working and serving the film industry in my own small way", Vaijayanthimala said at a ceremony to mark the milestone, hosted by Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy coinciding with the ongoing Bengaluru International Film Festival here.

"And the appreciation, admiration and the warmth shown by the people all over India is something I cannot explain in words. It has given me so much joy in my heart", she added, saying, she was fortunate that she could work in wonderful films and with well-known directors, co-stars, and technicians.

Janaki did not lose an opportunity to put on record her differences with former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who, she quoted as having said, "We seem to be paying too much attention to cinema. It is undoubtedly an excellent medium for many good things but unfortunately it has not proved to be particularly inspiring".

She remarked, "I wonder if the opinion, this statement was relevant in those days".
Janaki, who made her debut in 1949 and shared screen space with the likes of veterans Rajkumar, MGR and N T Ramarao, said cinema has become an integral part of people's lives. "Cinema is like air, water and food for man", she said.

She bemoaned that "today we see a lot of ugly films" but acknowledged that commercial movies are essential for the survival of the film industry.

Janaki wants to see more films with meaningful and purposeful themes which convey a message to the betterment of mankind.