Watch German films to win a trip for Deutschland

Movies are serious business. More so, watching them at film festivals when one needs to go that extra distance to understand and appreciate the films.

Comprising mostly art house cinema, they need concentrated engagement, lest one loses their cinematic significance as also the aesthetic artistry behind the accoladed works.

However, in an effort to provide an element of fun, as also ensure a bit of effort on the part of audience at watching serious cinema and be rewarded in the process, Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, which is participating in Biffes 2012 with a package of eight award-winning German films under the Country in Focus section, has come up with a novel competition - Watch & Win.

This not only makes it imperative that all the German films on show are watched and receive necessary wider audience appreciation and participation, but also ensure a full house.

As programme co-ordinator Maureen Gonsalves and Institute director Christoph Bertrams point out, it’s a double deal and a win-win situation for both the German films as also audiences.

According to them, exciting prizes await audiences who watch a movie and participate in the contest. While the bumper ticket prize will be a dream trip to Germany, for others there are Goethe goodie bags. However, mere watching wouldn’t do. One needs to keenly watch the film and recollect it from one’s recess if they need to make a game of it at the competition.

For, it involves matching the photo of a film, besides answering questions correctly. Also, audiences need to fill out a form and submit the same. The deadline is midday, December 28.

Among the German films being showcased at the festival include Shores of Hope, Lore, Barbara, Napola, Calm At Sea, Home For The Weekend, The River Used To Be A Man, Cracks In The Shell and Remembrance. Audiences or participants in the competition need to name their favourite film from among the German films screened and describe it in no more than 10 words.

Winners will be informed directly and the results posted on the Institut homepage and Facebook. Prizes must be collected from Goethe-Institut, Bangalore. For participating, visit the Max Mueller Bhavan site.

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