NBA says use of water canons at media persons not acceptable

 The News Broadcasters' Association (NBA) today said that the use of water canons at specific media locations by Delhi Police during Sunday's protests suggested that journalists were targeted.

In a statement released here the NBA, which has country's leading news channels as members, expressed shock and concern that several journalists, camera-persons and media crew from various news channels were injured and expensive broadcast equipment damaged in the police action yesterday.

"The fact that water canons were used at specific media locations and journalists even with mikes in their hands were injured suggests that the media was targeted," the NBA statement said.

The NBA said that its member channels had reported the protests over women's safety with "great maturity, sensitivity and restraint" so any police action against reporters was not acceptable.

"Any police action against our reporters is therefore unacceptable and condemned in no uncertain terms. It would be a sad day for the country, and democracy, if any attempt is made to muzzle the media," the NBA statement said.

The NBA in its statement appealed to the Government to ensure that media is allowed to perform their duty in a free and fearless manner.

The statement also said that NBA member channels and most of the news media has condemned the violence that has crept into the protests and have repeatedly advised restraint and requested for peace and calm.

The Broadcasters said that it is the job of the news media to report on events factually and that it has done this duty in the last few days in a balanced manner.

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