Parking is big problem in Madikeri

Parking is big problem in Madikeri

Police to get training in traffic control at district parade grounds from October 25

As the city is a hilly region, the widening of the road is also another problem. There is no scope for the extension of the town. As a result, CMC has to provide basic facilities to the public. At present, parking is a big headache for the police department as well as for CMC. Controlling the traffic is a challenge for the police.

Vehicle users heaved a sigh of relief after widening college road. However, disruption in the movement of vehicles in the heart of the city is a common problem. Kodagu is known for tourism. Hundreds of tourists visit the town daily. The parking of vehicles for the tourist is also a headache. The intensity of the vehicles are on rise. In this background, CMC and police department have started finding solution to the traffic problem.

CMC has sent a proposal to Directorate of Civil Administration on the need to mark 3/4 acre land near CPC in the town for parking purpose. On the direction of Directorate of Civil Administration the land has been earmarked to be used for commercial purpose in the future.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Commissioner K Srikanthrao said “the land can be used for parking 40 cars of CMC. Nearly 100 vehicles can be parked in the space available. If we get the green signal from Directorate of Civil Administration, then we will make arrangement for the parking.” He said some of the narrow roads will be widened in the future.


Police department is all set to provide training to the traffic police personnel in controlling the traffic. DySP J D Prakash said “training will be provided to the police personnel on traffic management at district police maidan from October 25. As we have shortage of staff, a sub inspector from Bangalore traffic division will visit Madikeri to train the personnel here. After the training, there will be some reforms in traffic system in the city.”

“First of all,  the City Municipal Council should provide parking space in the city. If possible, the City Municipal Council should should collect parking fee on the model of Bangalore,” said a CMC Member.

At the same time, if private bus stand is shifted to the land belonging to Agriculture University, then the parking space will be available at the present bus stop. Till then the only solution is to take measures to control the traffic by the police department.