This school is a model one in many ways

Inspiring institution

The Government Kannada Higher Primary School at Uttanoor in Mulbagal taluk has been picked as the best school in the taluk for the year 2012-13 in maintaining cleanliness at the school. Indeed, this school is a model one in many other ways too.

Unlike in most schools, its the students who decide every thing in this school and they are the nucleus of every activity.

The school has a council of ministers, which takes a decision on every thing that needs to be done for the improvement of the institution. Every activity is headed by students and, this has been the practice for several years now.

In addition to lessons taught in the classroom, students are also taught lessons about cleanliness and environment protection. The school has therefore bagged the award for its clean and green environment.

For maintenence of the plants at the school, Srirama Reddy of the neighbouring Pommarahalli has provided drip irrigation facility. This has made the job of nurturing the plants easier for the children.

Pratibha of Class VII is the chief minister who heads the school’s council of ministers.
She gives several instructions to her ministers on maintaining cleanliness at the school. Education Minister K N Pratibha is entrusted with the responsibility of the academic and group activities in the school.

Minister for cleanliness, with the help of other students, looks after the cleaning of school premises, including the toilets.

While Irrigation Minister Venugopal deals with water supply to the school,
Horticulture minister C Uday is in-charge of the plants and greenery at the school.

While Sports Minister Syed Firoze maintains discipline at school, Finance Minister Pradeep collects fine ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 15 from late comers.

The fine amount is used for the maintenence and development of a temple on the school campus. Culture Minister Supriya Meena is in-charge of the cultural activities.

 School in-charge Minister Prashanth has been entrusted with the opening of the locks/doors/windows of the school in the morning. Jayaprakash, Anil and Kalyani function as opposition leaders and set right the mistakes committed by the ministers.
Thus, students themselves look after the maintenence of their school, which has 190 students and eight teachers.

“Students are very enthusiastic and they are playing a major role in maintaining a clean and green environment at the school,” said the headmaster Mariyappa.

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