A legendary start to the year

A legendary start to the year

A legendary start to the year

They say the whole year depends on how your first day of it is. And to make sure 2013 is a great year for them, Bangaloreans are busy planning out how they will bring in the New Year.

Metrolife speaks to youngsters to find out how they plan to kickstart 2013.  Hitting one of the many parties in the City is the most obvious choice for people. Based on how much one wants to spend, one can choose from masquerade parties at restaurants like Bricklane Grill and Eclipse (Leela Palace) to DJ nights at places like Zero G, Aqua (The Park) and almost every other disco or bar known for its parties.

“I want to dress up, dance and party like a rock star all night. My friends and I are staying in town and heading to the massive party at Royal Orchid where DJ Whosane! is spinning in Geoffreys, DJ TT on the lawn and two other DJs in salons. There’s other entertainment going on all throughout the night. It’s like having three or four different parties all rolled up into one!” says the excited Angela Carson, who loves partying.

As the occasion demands, electronic dance music (EDM) presides at almost all these parties, while other genres of music seem to take a backseat for that night.

“I’m going to be heading to CounterCulture, where an alternative indie electronic gig is happening and acts like ‘Sulk Station’, ‘Teddy Boy Kill’ and ‘Fuzzy Logic’ are playing. There will be barbecues, imported alcohol and bonfires all over the place. It’s an ideal way to welcome the New Year,” shares Arjun Rao, a software engineer.

Of course, there are always the ones who would not want to be outside partying with strangers on this special night — and so, house parties are also on the cards.

“I’m going for a house party at my cousin’s house on December 31 and it’ll be like a reunion for all the youngsters of the family. There’ll be good food and catching up. Since all of us are busy all through the year, this is the one day we make a point to meet, be with each other and spend some quality time,” notes Anusha Rao, a social media analyst.
Yet another kind of party happening is the legendary farmhouse party, where people drive down to farmhouses in the suburbs to party the night away.

“We have a farmhouse close to the airport and as we have done many times before, a couple of friends drive down, play some music, enjoy a few drinks, barbecue outdoors and stay up the whole night,” says Shaily, a student.

While everyone has some place to be this New Year’s Eve, the only word of caution is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Partying can be great fun, as long as there are no bad incidents to remind you of that night.