Innovative ideas at work

Innovative ideas at work

Soaring Spirits

Organised by the staff and students of the Management Studies Institute, eight colleges from the City participated in the event.

“The theme was Fuelling the Future — a concept that finds much of its relevance in today’s world, wherein there is a heightened awareness of bolstering current growth against future prospects. It was specially chosen to inspire students to come with innovative ideas and compete in the various events. We chose the name Nishka because it is a medieval word for currency, which is the very essence of business,” said Prof Praveen Kumar, Head of Department of Management Studies.

The event was inaugurated by Krishna Byre Gowda, MLA, who talked to the students on the importance of getting more involved in the political process and exercising their franchise.

Entreating students to become proactive in the business of selecting their leaders, he urged them to exercise their rights in the spirit of the Constitution.  The colleges which participated were Christ University, BHS College, Acharya College, United Mission Degree College, Presidency College, CMR College, Surana College and Garden City College.

The hectic day’s schedule had a series of keenly fought contests that tested the students’ ability to think on their feet, innovate and test their theoretical knowledge.
The key contests included The Financial Countdown, which was won by Christ University. It turned out to be the right platform for students with a yen for the money market and a cutting-edge knowledge of  stocks and shares.

Prudent — the Business Quiz had five rounds from the prelims to the finals with students being quizzed on all aspects of the business world and the various strategies of successful companies.

Surana College walked away with the prize. Precarious was a fun marketing event, complete with jingles and tag lines, and the most creative and peppy team to win this time was Presidency College.

Master Sketcher was meant for budding entrepreneurs to get into the world of business and come up with plans, concepts and strategies that were workable and practical. Christ University won again and were declared the overall winners of the Fest.