Feel of the workplace

Feel of the workplace

Winners all

Feel of the workplace

Finalists along with MJ Rakesh Kumar.

The finalists shared their experiences of the past six weeks of the competition as they awaited for the final results, which was announced later and Arun and Avijit from Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College were declared the winners.

The third edition of Radio One College Champions was different from the past two. The participants were allowed to get the feel of how it is to go live on air. They were trained under MJ Rakesh Kumar. Ten teams qualified for the finals and they are from Christ University, Jyothi Nivas College, Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain University, Mount Carmel College, Sindhi College, Garden City college, BMS College and PES College. The finalists were trained in various aspects of radio programming, production and jockeying.

The participants were simply amazed to see how the programme is produced. Michelle Peris, one of the finalists, a second year BHM student at Christ University said, “We were very nervous initially but once it started, we got used to it. It was a little tough to handle all this as we had our exams coming up. Though it got a little hectic, it was a lot of fun.”
Most of the participants were under the impression that all an RJ had to do was to sit and blabber in the studio with a mug of coffee in his/her hand. Tanima Mohan, a first year BBM student from Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain University said: “Before participating in the auditions I was hunting for a partner. I just hooked on to a senior, I did not even know her except her name. This is how we started off. We liked this entire competition. It was a learning process.  We were not even treated like students in the office.”

“The atmosphere is so chilled out, it does not seem like an office and we felt very comfortable about the entire thing,” added her partner Manali Mehta, a final year BBM student.

The participants put in a lot of effort through out the competition. They campaigned for themselves through posters, SMSes, social networking sites and also by word of mouth.