Pure delight for the palate

Pure delight for the palate

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Pure delight for the palate

Looks like it’s the season of cupcakes and macaroons. The City is filled with passionate bakers, who find immense pleasure in baking up batches of cupcakes among other desserts.

Abha Dhasmana, a young entrepreneur, is no different. Nearly a year ago, she too followed her dream to start a small dessert shop. But the journey, she says was not so easy.

After leaving her job in an advertising agency, she trained under professional chefs and even did courses to perfect her baking skills.

Soon enough, she set up an online dessert store called ‘Fat Juliet’. She also started supplying to some high-end super markets. What sets ‘Fat Juliet’ apart from others is the non-traditional combination of flavours, Abha uses to make her desserts.

“I have always been fond of baking and experimenting with flavours. Everything around me inspires me. I always think of two different flavours and try it and if it works out it’s out there on our menu. Sometime I encourage my customers to come up with flavours as well for their cakes,” she adds.

So one can find combinations like lemon and blueberry, coffee and coconut, honey and lavender, mango and black pepper, orange and dark chocolates and so on. Most of the items are inspired by American desserts.

Apart from the normal cakes, one can also find cup cakes, macaroons, cookies and even something called cake pops. “These are shaped like a lollypop, except what’s on top of the stick is a cake. We have these in two flavours –– vanilla and chocolate. And recently we had a Christmas special, with a traditional plum cake on the top,” she adds.

One can also try the brownies and savouries like the ‘lasagna cupcakes’, ‘petit pizza’, ‘chocolate covered potato chips’ and many others. “Since these are all made to order, we generally prefer that people book their order at least 24 hours before so it gives us time to make them and deliver it fresh,” she adds. Abha, also aims at keeping these desserts affordable as well.

Depending on the flavour, a cupcake is within Rs 45 and cake pops are priced at Rs 30. “Everything depends on the flavours,” she explains.     What is also striking is the name –– ‘Fat Juliet’.

Ask her about it and she laughs. “I don’t know how but the name just struck to me. We have had many reactions to it as well. Some actually thought that people will put on weight by eating here but that’s not true. I just thought of it as a catchy name and it stuck,” she adds. For details, log on to www.fatjuliet.com.

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