Singer duo take audience to Cloud 9 as Virasat concludes

Singer duo take audience to Cloud 9 as Virasat concludes

Listeners experienced a musical high when the famous duo M D Pallavi Arun and Vijay Prakash joined to enthral audience at Shobhavana in Mijar, near Moodbidri on the final day of Alva's Virasat on Sunday.

A wonderful stage with the designs of dull sunlight in the dusk was beautified by the enthralling voices of the duo.

At first, the task of catching the hearts of audience was started by multi-talented artiste M D Pallavi Arun. She started with the harmonious note 'Ilidu ba Taye ilidu ba' and kept the curiosity of the audience on, who were there with bundle of expectations. Vijay Prakash who started his carrier as a singer with classical music, also started with a classical song from the movie ‘Nooraj’.

Prakash continued with ‘Bharo Krishnaia ninna manegeega’ which absolutely grasped the attention of audience as they were feeling the presence of almighty there. Vijay Prakash who has sung as many as 3000 jingles and Hindi songs continued with ‘Bhaja Murali Bhaja,’ a song originally sung by legends like Bhimsen Joshi and Latha Mangeshkar.

Meanwhile, clarionet player from Poland, nicknamed as Watts joined the group. His neat work, as well as his sincere effort with clarinet won the hearts of many. The guy from far away land was wonderful even with classic like ‘Bhaja Murali Bhaja’. He was amazing with Vijay and proved that music has no borders.

Pallavi, who is good with light music as always, started with ‘Beladingala raathri e chori bandaga…’. It looked as if the moon is peaking from the sky to here a  line or two from the beautiful lyrics. ‘Amma naanu devarane…,’ another famous lyrics by Pallavi and crowd went back to pin drop silence, enjoying the song.

Then started the magic of duo, with ‘Manna thindu sihi koduva mara needi needi muktha,’ a song from the serial ‘Muktha Muktha’ which has strong bond with legend singer C Ashwath, who directed it. Pallavi who got best playback singer  award for her 'E papi duniya' of Dunia’ song from ‘Dunia’, here tried with another song of the same  movie-‘Nodayya kote lingave bellakki goodu kuntave’  with clarionet, giving a special blend to it.

The jam packed stadium went frenzy when Prakash came with Masakkali song. His magical voice easily catched the attention of audience. Adding their rhythmic claps they enjoyed the fun. There was an amazing reply from youth for another mass song 'Kuri kolina somvara shanivara kuyyangila'.

Along with the charming voice, both Pallavi and Prakash were good enough in entertain the crowd with their beautiful Kannada.

The combination of classic and mass songs continued when Pallavi started with 'Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu' of Nissar Ahmed. Meanwhile, Vijay Prakash had more to offer as started with ‘Huttidare Kannada Nadalli huttabeku’, a well known song with the flavour of Kannada from the movie ‘Aakasmika’ basically sung by Dr Rajkumar. ‘Noorondu nenapu edeyaladinda ‘ from ‘Bhandana’ also charmed the audience.

The expectation of the audience continued till Vijay Prakash started with ‘Jai Ho’, a hit from the movie ‘Slum Dog Millioner’.

The song was a viral hit with young audience. The song got all the honour with claps. The audience had a wonderful evening with music though there was gloominess as it was the final day of the extravaganza, at least for this year.

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