Hemraj's village gets approach road, helipad, electricity

Hemraj's village gets approach road, helipad, electricity

This nondescript village, which does not have a proper road or school, was engulfed in sorrow and shock after one of its sons was beheaded by Pakistani soldiers, but things may change soon.

The visit of high-profile leaders, including Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and BJP leaders Nitin Gadkari and Sushma Swaraj, saw the administration going into overdrive to build a helipad, a road and change a defunct transformer.

The village, also known as Sher Nagar (Town of Lions), is situated 160 km from Delhi and 50 km from Mathura.

Before politicians visited this village to meet the family of martyred soldier Hemraj in the past one week, the approach road to it was filled with mud and inaccessible.

According to villagers, an electricity transformer was lying defunct for months, leaving the village in the dark, and even Hemraj's last rites took place under the headlights of Army and civilian vehicles.

But all this changed last Sunday when the administration went into overdrive to build a makeshift approach road by dumping dry soil on the muddy road using heavy earth movers, a helipad was built near the village and the electricity transformer too was changed, said Draupal Singh, uncle of Hemraj's wife.

Situated near the bank of Yamuna river, the village has a very fertile land and most of the villagers engage in agriculture for livelihood. Even Hemraj's brothers Puran and Jai Singh are farmers.

As the village does not have a school, children have to go to Chaatha on foot or by bicycle to study.