For a safe festival

For a safe festival

Life savers


*Make sure you buy fireworks from a licensed shop.
*  Always keep the fireworks in a closed box and store them away
from sources of fire or ignition,
also keep them away from the reach of toddlers.
*  Read the instructions and follow all safety precautions instructed with regard to the use of fireworks.
*  Burst crackers in open spaces like playgrounds and fields. Avoid bursting fireworks on roads.
*  Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water. This way you can avoid people from stepping on and hurting their feet from used fireworks which are thrown on the ground.
*  Keep buckets of water and blankets ready, in case a fire breaks out.
*  While lighting the crackers,
stand at an arm’s length, away from the cracker.
*  Wear thick cotton clothes while bursting crackers, so as to ensure maximum safety from fire.
*  If your clothes happen to catch fire, do not panic just drop down on the ground and roll.


*Don’t let children burst crackers unaccompanied by an adult. Keep an eye on them constantly.
*Don’t put fireworks in your pocket.
*Don’t cover crackers with tin containers or glass bottles for extra sound effect.
*Don’t examine un-burst crackers, leave it and light a new cracker.
* Don’t ever light a cracker in your hand. See to it that you put it down and ignite it.
* Avoid long loose clothes or nylon, as they catch fire fast.
* Don’t ever leave a lit match, agarbatti or sparklers near unused crackers.
*Don’t apply any cream, ointment or oil on burnt area. Always rush to your nearest doctor.