Quirky decor

Quirky decor

Diy Project

Do you have a lot of CDs and cassettes stashed away in a forgotten corner of your home? Then, how about turning them into decor items? A CD can double up as a coaster. All you need is to wrap it with colourful, printed fabric, and you are done.

Alternatively, bits and pieces of unused clothes, old curtains or cushion covers can be used to make a patchwork coaster. Just scour the Internet, and you are bound to come across a wealth of ideas. Compact discs can also be used as wall decor, by stringing different CDs together, and making a nice pattern on the wall.

Old unwanted CDs can also be used as table covers, if only you cover them with cloth or any material of your choice. Even prints of your favourite singers or musical motifs can be used to wrap the CDs.

Then, there is always the option of converting CDs into a pen stand. Just take a cardboard, paste the CDs onto it and fold the cardboard to whichever shape you want, and you have a pen-stand.

A bigger-sized one can make for a paper or magazine holder. You can always do up the cardboard with sequins or floral patterns, and your pen holder is ready. The same principles can be used to convert old cassettes into pen-stands, coasters, or wall decor.