Smile often

Smile often

A smile is a curved line which sets a lot of things straight.” Indeed, in one’s spiritual and personal space, one can never underestimate the power of a cheerful countenance which portrays a refreshing sight of a joyful and hearty smile.

A person who smiles readily and with alacrity usually gets one’s work done faster and more efficiently.

Smiling is an excellent public relations’ tool and sales’ persons need a really supply of smiles in order to transact their sales successfully. A receptionist’s smile on the phone can be “heard” at the other end!

Cheerful optimistic smiles can enervate, fulfill, motivate, inspire, please and recharge people. Airhostesses who smile regularly help in curtailing animosity, hatred, anger, chagrin and bring in their wake happiness and contentment.

When one smiles, one’s eyes sparkle gleefully and light up, while manifesting goodwill and rapport. A person cannot smile without their eyes lighting up – it just isn’t possible, as smiles emerge from the depth of one’s heart and soul.

In the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, the medicine man tells Julia Roberts “to smile with her liver”, which implies to make her smile emerge from her inner most self. A smile costs less than electricity, but it sheds more light.

Smiles create bonds between family members, employers and employees, colleagues, friends and relatives. A friendship or relationship not punctuated with smiling countenances is a lackluster one indeed. Friends who smile at each other more often are apt to have less misunderstandings and acerbic, acrimonious fights.

They are prone to be less bitter and have less animosity. How true is the saying, “A smile is the shortest distance between two friends.”

Medically, it has been proven that people who smile often are more sanguine and recover faster from ailments than those who are grouchy “wet blankets”.

I was feeling a bit stressed at all the professional and personal responsibilities I was entrusted with and I urgently needed a balm for my frayed nerves.

Two of class 4 students, Ananya and Ria, could discern this, and told me, “Ma’am, cool down, take it easy, but most of all, keep that frown upside down!” It made me burst into a spontaneous hearty smile!

Yes, for a healthy outlook, it is imperative to always keep one’s chin up, look the person in the eye, and give a broad and beautiful smile, which is nothing but the “frown being upside down”!

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