Dead woman, 101, comes alive at funeral

Dead woman, 101, comes alive at funeral

A 101-year-old Chinese woman who was about to be put into a coffin by her family after being found 'dead' by daughters a day ago, came alive before all mourners gathered for the funeral ceremony.

The incident occurred last Sunday in Guangdong province, Shanghai Daily reported.
Peng Xiuhua, a widow of Lianjiang city, had turned bed-ridden after a fall nearly two weeks ago. Her two daughters returned home to take care of her.

On Saturday morning, Peng's daughters noticed her body had turned stiff. As they could not feel any breathing or heartbeat in her, they presumed her to be dead. On the following day, all relatives and family friends gathered for her funeral.

But as villagers cleaned her body before putting it into the coffin in the afternoon, Peng opened her eyes while greeting all with her pet words: "Here you come."

The congregated villagers were surprised and later decided to throw a banquet by using the meal actually prepared for the old lady's funeral.