Today's letters.

Today's letters.


It's high time some action is taken

Referring to yesterday’s article on pole violence by Naxals resulting in the death of Jharkand party member and destruction of public property, it is indeed surprising how this menace, continuing over the years has not been permanently put down. When just police action has not yielded the desired result, the government should not hesitate to deploy army for this purpose. We have to take lessons from Srilanka, where LTTE has been subdued with a firm hand. This is not to advocate war on Naxals, but if our effort in tackling socio-economic problem of Naxals fails, there could be no alternative.

T.S. Rajan (Retd. Prof.)
5th Block, Rajajinagar

Reduce bus fares
It is heartening to note that the State Transport Minister has decided to slash KSRTC bus fares on par with fares of private bus operators (Deccan Herald news item of 5 Oct 09).  In this context, I request the minister to see the plight of BMTC commuters also, who are overburdened with exhorbitant bus fares compared to fares prevailing in other southern states. The bus fares of AP and TN are comparatively cheaper. The fare stages in these states comprise of 3-4 stops in between compared to 1 stop in between in our BMTC bus routes. Also the distance one can travel on a Rs 4 or Rs 5 ticket in AP and TN will cost not less than Rs 10 in BMTC buses. I request the minister to reduce the BMTC bus fares, and help the lower middle class and middle class people who are mainly depending upon the BMTC for commuting. This will go a long way in reducing their hardships and earning their goodwill.

N Suresh

China, Mind your own Business!

I am refering to your report 'China sees red over PMs Arunachal visit'.
In the recent past China for reasons best known to them has often issued provocative statements. These statements are challenging the very sovereignty of India. How can border settlement talks ever progress in an atmosphere of mistrust?

Historically the border dispute was between India and the then sovereign state of Tibet. China was nowhere in the picture. After Communist China overran Tibet, border disputes are on the rise.

India as good neighbour espoused the rights of China and supported its entry into the UN. India should now take the stand that there is no border dispute as it was settled long ago with Tibet and India has reservations on China's legitimacy over Tibet! This will be the best repost that India can deliver to China. China should bear in mind that it is not the same India as it was in 1962. As Rahul Gandhi recently commented our media devotes unnecessary attention to the statements issued by China or Pakistan. Let us arm ourselves to defend and carry on our growth and development.

H N Ramakrishna

Wrongful protest by China

The objection of China over the visit of Indian Prime Minister to Arunachala Pradesh, to say the least, is atrocious, highly provocative and far from being conducive to carry
the dialogue on the outstanding boundary dispute.

It is unfortunate that India is under compulsion to say every now and then that Arunachala Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir are integral parts of India. Very rare visits from Indian authorities to Arunachala Pradesh are the raison d'etre for China to make objections. Now the Indian authorities must wake up and the people at the helm of
affairs should be in visiting terms to Arunachala Pradesh.

Otherwise it will be mistaken by China that India has its own reservations, at least internally, about inferring Arunachala Pradesh an integral part of India.  India has only expressed disappointment, not anger, at the objections of China.  The protest is too feeble.  The feeble protest does not authorize China to lay claim over Arunachala Pradesh.

K.V. Seetharamaiah


Faulty education system

World Bank observation that the Indian syllabi is out of sync with international curriculum and only encourages rote learning rather than creative thinking, sends a message which can't be ignored by India. (Indian syllabi encourage rote learning:WB-14/10/09) According to the WB, the overall language instruction is clearly weak in Indian system. If Indians are well educated and making waves in comparison to people from other nations, it is only a surface phenomenon. We have failed  to make the grade as Nobel Laureates for the size of the population compared with a small country like Israel. In the final analyis, it is the test of creativity. 

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

Bomb menace

This is with reference to ' Pentagon wants colossal bomb at the earliest' appearing in DH dated 14 Oct09. It is a matter of grave concern that Pentagon is on threshold of producing a 15tonne behemoth bomb called Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP) which is 10 times more powerful weapon to a similar one US possess. Those bombs were used against Osama Bin Laden in the terrain of
Tora Tora Mountain. MOP bombs have the capacity to destroy through the multi storey bunkers below the ground level. The MOP bomb is nothing short of nuclear arsenal i.e. Weapons for Mass Destruction (WMD).

It is an irony that US president Obama, having achieved Nobel Peace Prize is equally impatient to see the preparation of MOP bombs. Arms race cannot be ruled out amongst the superpowers of the world.

Deepak Chikramane