Girl born with 30 broken bones survives

Girl born with 30 broken bones survives

A British girl, suffering from a rare form of brittle bone disease, has survived against all odds despite being born with 30 broken bones. Every time her mother moved during pregnancy, it led to broken bones in young Millie Simpson, from Cheshire, the Daily Mail reported.

Doctors picked up the condition on pregnancy scans. They saw she had broken every bone in her body, and told her parents it was unlikely that she would survive the birth.
Her mother Simpson was offered a termination but she refused and told doctors she wanted to give her baby a chance.

Millie, who has just celebrated her second birthday, was born alive and was able to breathe, despite her ribs being broken. She could not sit up until she was eight months old, and since her birth she has broken her arms and legs several times and broken her jaw. She has broken bones just by rolling over, or by someone lightly touching her.
She is now going from strength to strength, but is still so fragile that she cannot stand on her own feet.

"She is like a real-life china doll. Her bones are so fragile that they break with just the slightest touch," her mother said. "But she is getting stronger each day with the calcium treatment she is having."

"We are so proud of her. She has defied the doctors to have survived like this... she is such a little fighter."