Fliers get a taste of Indian art

Fliers get a taste of Indian art


Fliers get a taste of Indian art

After a five-day-long festival of classical dances, the Indira Gandhi International Airport is now showcasing India’s art through a series of exhibitions called ‘Art Walk.’

The airport has brought together works of India’s best known artists like Arpana Caur, Anjolie Ela Menon, Bhawani Katoch, Bhuwal Prasad, Bratin Khan, Gurdeep Singh, Jayasri Burman, Jehangir Sabavala, K S Radhakrishnan etc.. These are being presented in three seasons Hemanta-Shishir (Pre winter-Winter), Basanta-Greeshma (Spring-Summer) and Varsha-Sharada (Monsoon-Autumn), the first of which is currently on at Terminal 1 D till March 15.

The artworks are in varied genres and mediums including paintings and sculptures. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) CEO Prabhakara Rao explained, “The IGIA airport is an important transit point in the journey of thousands of international tourists who visit India every week. Therefore, we feel it is important that they carry back a taste of India’s rich culture. Art is an important medium of communicating one’s traditions and hence we decided to bring together these artists at IGIA. We are extremely deli­gh­ted to present this creative side of Indian culture to travellers across the globe.”

The present season showcases various themes, mediums and concepts visualised by India’s eminent artists, bringing together the traditional, modern, contemporary and experimental age of art. Some artworks are greatly influenced by mythological aspects and legends and therefore inclined towards traditional forms and practices. Conversely, some artists have depicted the changing phase of rural and urban life in India. The extreme effects of globalisation and industrialisation have also been showcased at a macro level.

Some artists like Paresh Maity have formed their own genre of concepts dealing with the abstract and rather cubist representations of the human form. Commenting on the novel display, Maity said, “It is a privilege to be part of this initiative. What better way to showcase your talent than at an airport where you have people from different walks of life and all over the globe coming in? This will ensure additional exposure for all artists while encouraging budding talent too.”

Another of India’s leading contemporary artists, Arpana Caur commented, “For the first time we are showcasing our work at a world-class airport and are honoured to be given such a platform where people can experience significant creative stimulation. We also hope to get an opportunity to showcase our work at the world-class international terminal, T3, and treat our esteemed guests with the visual delight.”