Deepavali has always been one of my favourite festivals. The highlight of the day will be the bursting of crackers along with my family. As I am shooting out of town this year, I will be home only for a day-and-a-half. I am also looking forward to my mom’s cooking. The morning is usually spent in prayers, and in the evening after the Laxmi pooja, we would be bursting crackers.”

Haripriya, actress

“Deepavali is my favourite festival and I eagerly await it. I don’t really believe in going green but the money I intend to spend on crackers, I will spend on buying sweets and gifts for children in orphanages. If I can make someone else happy at this time, there’s nothing like it. This festival exudes positive energy and forces you to shed negativity, think and act positively.” 

Sindhu Menon, actress
Courtesy: Outfit: Pam Mehta, accessories: Amrapali, location: Kimaya, make-up  and hair: Salon Squeeze

“During Deepavali, the entire City is lit. I make it a point to burst lots of crackers with my friends and family. This festival is enlightening in a way because it is one of the very few festivals where people of all caste, creed and religion come together and celebrate without any inhibition. It’s national integration in a way.”

Chiranjeevi Sarja, actor
Courtesy: Outfit: Chirag Dattani, accessories: Amrapali, location: Kimaya, make-up  and hair: Salon Squeeze.

“Deepavali means a lot of lights. We get together with friends and family and don’t burst too many crackers because we’re conscious of the hazards they leave behind. But yes, there’s plenty of positive energy and enlightenment that one receives during Deepavali. It’s a fresh start.” 

Priyanka Upendra, actress

Deepavali comes once every year for others but for me, Deepavali comes everyday as I look forward to good things in life each day. We burst crackers to ward off darkness and bring in light. It’s one festival where I go all out to have a good time.”

Radhika Gandhi, actress