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Training Session

There are certain soft skills which are important in the professional context, especially when it comes to sitting for an interview. This is why the students of the MBA department of PESIT recently helped out the first-year engineering students by giving them soft-skills training.

The session was conducted by students who are currently pursuing HR, finance and marketing. Many activities were planned to teach the students how to cope with pressure, conduct themselves in an interview and participate actively in a group discussion.

It turned out to be an extremely beneficial session for those who attended. The participation level was high and the students thoroughly enjoyed it.

“These sessions are very important in the long run. The management students are learning these skills as part of their curriculum and extended this knowledge to the engineering students, who have to face interviews soon,” says Vijayashree L,
associate professor, department of MBA.

Sulekha, one of the students who was a part of the organising team, says that it was a very lively and interactive session. The students were trained in different spheres like team building and briefed on the tactics to keep in mind while facing an interview panel.
“Many of them did not know the basics. We made them practise, so that they could apply these methods in the future,” adds Sulekha.

Students were given topics, which they had to debate and through this, were taught how to conduct themselves in a group discussion. Mock interviews were also held,
so as to instruct the students on their behaviour.

Suchitra, another MBA student, says that they also conducted some team-building activities to boost the confidence of the attendees.

“We made them practise some impromptu as well as classic debates to teach them how to express themselves properly. I hope that the exercises were helpful and students remember them while facing an interview panel,” says Suchitra.

Everyone could be seen taking an active interest in the various team-building
exercises. It was a different experience for the students, since they were being

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