Australia condemns North Korea's nuclear test

Australia today condemned North Korea's nuclear test with Prime Minister Julia Gillard stating that the government will work for the strongest possible response to Pyongyang's continuing defiance of international community's will.

"Seismic data supports this claim and a third North Korean nuclear test is consistent with North Korea's dangerous nuclear ambitions.

"The Australian Government condemns in the strongest possible terms nuclear testing by North Korea", Gillard said in a statement.

Nuclear testing by North Korea clearly violates United Nations Security Council Resolutions which demand North Korea not conduct any further nuclear tests, she noted.

North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and missiles and its proliferation of sensitive technologies threaten international peace and security, she said adding Pyongyang's actions challenge the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Only last month, in unanimously adopting Resolution 2087, the Security Council expressed its determination to take significant action in the event of a further North Korean nuclear test.

Australia has called for an urgent meeting of the Security Council.

As a Security Council member, Australia will work for the strongest possible response to North Korea's continuing defiance of the will of international community, the Australian Prime Minister said.

Australia will also be making its deep concerns known to the North Korean Government directly, as well as in international and regional forums, she added.

North Korea's future security and prosperity can only be secured through constructive relations with its neighbours and the international community.

Australia will continue to work closely with our friends and allies for peace and stability in North Asia, the statement said.

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