Happy to be together

Happy to be together

Reunion Tour

Noted for their amazing talent line up, strong vocals and harmonies, the legendary rockers Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass) from the popular group Mr Big were in the City on the eve of their much anticipated Bangalore concert to talk about their India tour.

Along with vocalist Eric Martin and drummer Pat Torpey, this band is among the few whose comeback tour actually offers nothing less than the original line up, so fans were beside themselves with excitement.

Their hits like To Be With You and Green-Tinted Sixties Mind stayed popular over the years  in spite of changing trends and band conflicts. Mr Big broke up in 2002, but after requests from fans reunited in 2009 launching their first reunion tour in Japan earlier this year.

Billy with his tattoos, ponytail and all the charm of an evergreen rocker along with Paul, with his easy manner and boyish looks talked about their expectations from the tour and the challenges and milestones still ahead of them as a group. “This is our first visit to India and we are overwhelmed by the warm response,” says Billy who adds elements of Indian music to his compositions and has a penchant for Indian food.

“I cook a delicious vindaloo which is very popular with my friends although I add jalapenos and Mexican spices, so it’s really an Indo- Mexican dish,” he laughs. After Bangalore, the band is scheduled to perform in Shillong  and Dimapur, where they have a huge fan following ranging from top bureaucrats to students and folks from all walks of life. “We are thrilled just to perform for our fans no matter how big or small the venue is,” added Paul.

The two admitted to missing the synergy of playing as a group and are really happy to be back together. “Who knows, another album may well be on the cards once we are done touring although we still have lots of places to go and many concerts to perform.

As professional musicians, we have to go where we get bookings although we only do it if we know it’s going to be productive in general, both personally and professionally. We’re not divas but we do want our gigs to be be enjoyable for us and the audience too,” they added.