Four-layered security for CWG

Four-layered security for CWG

The security plan prepared for the event, which would see participation from around 8,500 athletes from 71 countries competing in 17 events, also envisages snipers on rooftops, commando hit teams and expert groups to tackle any chemical, biological, or nuclear attacks. Unveiling the plan, Delhi Police Commissioner YS Dadwal told reporters, “We will be looking at not only securing the Games. Each and every aspect of security of the City has been taken care of. We assure you a safe and secure Commonwealth Games.”

According to the plan, the Games venues, Games Village, practice areas and parking lots as also the Indira Gandhi International Airport where athletes will arrive will have a four-layered security cordon.

Special Commissioner (Administration) Neeraj Kumar said there will be surveillance from the skies with the help of the Air Force. “There will also be the deployment of heli-borne assault teams to thwart any terror strikes,” he said.

He said the venues, village and hotels will be “locked down” a week before the start of the event after extensive anti-sabotage security checks.

Kumar said the 12 venues will have ‘outer, middle, inner and exclusive’ security zones. Mobile Quick Reaction teams will be deployed on the outer perimeter of the venues besides keeping a close watch through CCTV surveillance, Kumar said.