Temple complex with a difference

Temple complex with a difference

The mound overlooks Mandya and Malavalli with sugarcane and the paddy crops spreading across. Amidst these fascinating spots rises the shikara (tower) of Atmalingeshwara temple, a temple with a difference. It is not an ancient temple. Neither is it a monument proclaiming past heritage nor lost glory. It speaks the language of the present, however retaining the values of the ages gone by.

The temple activities have been designed in such a way that they go hand in hand, perpetuating the cultural traditions and propagating new age messages. Apart from the usual rituals, the temple trust promotes diverse activities ranging from rural upliftment, education, health and social welfare programmes.

Spaces are earmarked for each of the above activities in and around the temple complex.
A lecture hall in the temple court yard provides space for conducting cultural programmes, bhajans and religious discourses thus complementing one another in enhancing the spiritual ambience of the place. But, the most interesting venture of the trust is the simplification of dispensation of justice.

Seat of justice

With a view to cut down unnecessary costs and undue delays in resolving certain legal issues, a seat of justice has been created within the temple courtyard.
This to a great extent has made justice easily accessible to local people.

Promoting wellness

In the vicinity is situated a project of the temple, the Prakruti Arogya Dhama, aiming to promote wellness of people in general and those admitted for ailments on short term and long term basis.

Depending on the degree of seriousness of the ailments, a holistic approach is adopted in designing a treatment plan. 

The various kriyas, therapies, yoga and dietary plan are followed with efficiency and care. A chain of guest houses have been constructed to fulfill the needs of travellers and pilgrims at affordable costs.

Developed under the Yatri Nivas scheme, these spaces specially cater to the needs of the rural folk from surrounding areas.

An impressive structure nearby housing Bharathi Education Trust is a crowning glory to the Atmalingeshwara temple complex. Education being as important a component as any other in the present day social set up, the Trust addresses the needs of the rural children and the youth through their higher secondary school and pre-university.  Emphasis is laid on the extra curricular activities helping students to develop into full-fledged individuals in order to face the challenges of the new world.

The Atmalingeshwara temple complex is an example of what could result from a confluence of ideas, resources and inspiration of enlightened individuals and institutions, and rural Karnataka could benefit from such initiatives.

Getting there

The temple is situated between Mandya and Malavalli, and is 95 km from Bangalore