Dedicated doc builds a park

Barren land gets transformed to a park; more improvements sought

Satyamangala grama panchayat in the district is among those places where nothing works. However, the Mahatma Gandhi Park, located at the intersection of M G Road and Ring Road, runs contrary to the regular scheme of things.

The park, visited by students, senior citizens and others is an example of how diligence of a man can benefit a huge number of people.

The man behind the beautiful park is Dr Devdas.

Three years ago, Dr Das started building his house in the nearby locality. The park, which we see today was a barren land then. Noticing the potential of the place and to prevent the land from being encroached upon, Dr Das urged the then commissioner of Hassan Urban Development Authority (HUDA) Paramesh to allow him to develop the park.

HUDA responded positively and erected a fence, constructed drainage and laid a footpath. This not only initiated the process of park development, but also encouraged Das to take up the improvement of the park as a cause.

A gardner was appointed, who is being paid by Dr Das for the past three years.

Several organisations have helped in developing the park, Dr Das recalls. ‘Nammora Sene’ planted a few saplings, which withered away due to lack of water. But, water was arranged and saplings planted again. Today, the park has 110 plants of more than 40 varieties.

After the plants were planted, a new challenge arose: to name them. Since, nobody in the vicinity could identify all of them, experts from the agricultural university in Madenoor were consulted.

Later, boards with both local names and scientific names were placed in front of the plants.

The benches and other equipment in the park were organised with the help of a MLA. With the help of organisations and individual donors, basic amenities such as lights were installed.

Lush greenery

Today, the barren land around Satyamangala is a lush green park. DrDas had spent over Rs 3 lakh for the park in the past three years.

When asked how long would he continue to maintain the park, he promises to maintain it as long as possible.

He still sees room for improvement in the park. “Dustbins have to be placed around the park. A shed for people interested in meditation should be built.  I have asked the support of others in improving the park. If they do not extend their support, I will have to do it all by myself, says Dr Das.

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