Boy forces school to shut down with bomb hoax

Boy forces school to shut down with bomb hoax

It seems a case of “one school’s comfort is another school’s nightmare.”

The youth, whom police are still desperately trying to track down, called up the headmaster of a  private school in the town on the latter’s cell-phone number early on Monday saying a powerful bomb had been “planted” in the school which could flatten the structure anytime.
Headmaster Aravamuthan alerted the police about the “bomb threat.” The local police team rushed to the school premises with a sniffer dog and thoroughly searched the school, class-by-class, only to realise that it was a “bomb hoax.”

Meanwhile, seeing a “flash news scroll” in a local Tamil television channel, anxious parents flocked in large numbers to the school premises, worried over the safety of their boys and girls. As the situation became tense, a helpless headmaster declared a holiday for the school on Monday also.

The boy, presumably one of the students of the same school, had rung up Aravamuthan from a local public call office (PCO).

When “we tracked down the number to a local PCO, the booth owner said a group of boys had come to make a call,” Police sources told Deccan Herald.