'I believe in being true to myself'

'I believe in being true to myself'

'I believe in being true to myself'

Chetan is really passionate when he starts talking about his just-released movie Mynaa.

He feels his character in the movie has given him the freedom to explore the complete range of emotions.

“It’s a funny, intelligent, romantic and a very well-told film,” Chetan tells Metrolife even as he is busy promoting the film.

Mynaa, feels Chetan, can be classified both as a poignant love story and a convincing thriller.

“Although commercial elements have been added for dramatic effect, the film’s characters and conflicts are genuine, believable and importantly, not cliched. Nothing is over the top and in excess,” he explains.

He goes on to state that Mynaa tackles a range of social issues – from our criminal justice system and gender power-plays to hereditary health and cyber-space.

“Through an intriguing commercial script, the film describes Satya’s journey as he navigates through such complex matrixes,” shares Chetan. Chetan plays the character of Satya in the film.

“My character possesses the depth and style, passion and strength — each attribute emerging colourfully via the screenplay, the characters, and society at large,” he notes.
Always known to do films with a different twist, Chetan confesses that he thoroughly enjoyed the film’s story from the day he heard it.

“The script was compelling enough for me to choose it. There’s also a big risk in doing very few films because you may not always get the kind of script or role you have in mind. I not only believe in being true to myself but also to the art and more so to the people who expect substance from every film,” he observes.

Chetan feels the both the songs and the trailers of Mynaa will each strike a different chord with the viewers. “There are a range of emotions and that’s what makes the film different,” he says.

Chetan has always dubbed for all his films, for he thinks that none of his films are complete without dubbing for them.

“I cannot do a film if I can’t dub for it. For, Mynaa I have worked on the dubbing for four hours a day just to perfect the accent and tone my voice in a way that connects with people,” he signs off.

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