After six-month ordeal, scribe will walk free today

The special court of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) will on Monday give out a detailed written order on the release of the two arrested in the Bangalore terror module case. The NIA has dropped all charges against Muthi-ur-Rehman Siddiqui, who was working with this newspaper, and Syed Yusuf Nalaband.

The court on Saturday ordered the release of the two after the prosecution submitted that there was no prosecutable evidence against them. Both are expected to be released by Monday evening. The order of the court has brought an end to the six-month ordeal of their families.

Zia-ur-Rehman, the younger brother of Siddiqui, said that the order of the court has brought great relief to the family. He said the family knew that Siddiqui was innocent and would come out unscathed. He thanked the God and the Association for Protection of Civil Rights which fought the case in the courts from day one.

“Siddiqui was always proud of being a journalist and he would continue to pursue his career after his release. He is now a honourable man absolved of all charges by none other than the highest investigative agency of the country,” Rehman said.

Sakina Bi, the elder sister of Syed Yusuf Nalaband, who hails from Bagalkot told Deccan Herald that the family was greatly relieved after they heard that her younger brother would be released from jail soon. She said the family was planning to come to Bangalore to receive him.

She said that though they were very confident that Nalaband was innocent, they were stupefied by the media onslaught and the charges that the police were making against him.

“This has restored the faith in our judiciary and the system that there is a fair probe still possible in this country even against the minorities,” she said.

Sakina said her brother would continue to work in Bangalore as he was now an honourable man and that the family had no reason to fear anybody.

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