Cool in casuals

Cool in casuals

People said that she had it easy in Madhur Bhandarkar’s hit film Fashion where she debuted almost playing herself — a model on the catwalks of Mumbai.

But the supermodel-turned-actress is all set to prove her mettle as a actress to reckon with, taking on a slew of roles that vary from de-glam drama to comedy and horror. “Although I am up to my neck in the glamour industry, I really like to lounge around in casual comfortable clothes which are Bohemian in style and look. I love chilled out beach wear and would much rather go about without make-up but one does have to maintain a certain image in this business and that does take precedence over comfort!” she laughs.

  What is the secret of her slim, sinewy figure that makes her such a perfect clothes horse?

“I believe you are what you eat. Exercise is important but high protein, small meals at regular intervals is the mantra I live by.”
“Yes, I do exercise. A mix of cardio, weight training, yoga and Kathakali dancing keep me in shape and my muscles toned.”

As far as food preferences go she has a pretty eclectic palate.
“There are times when I crave for a well-made omelette and bread, a pizza slathered with tons of cheese and pasta. That's when I say to myself-to hell with the carbs!” she laughs.

Fortunately, for her those impulsive moments are few and far between and her latest food fetish is Russian cuisine. “I really enjoy the flavour and the healthy way they have of cooking fish and lamb. I also love their salads.”

 What does she do for recreation between film shoots? Does she attend high profile parties or poses for shutterbugs on the red carpet?
“I am a total film buff,” she says emphatically. Then adds almost as an after thought. “I do like to read a little.”

Her favourite Hollywood stars include Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp while Aamir Khan and Dharamji score an all time high for Bollywood stars in Mugdha’s book.
Old Hindi films like Guide and Kagaz ke Phool inspire her. “I can watch them endlessly, they are true classics,” she says.

Describing herself as a moderate gadget buff,  Mugdha says she has two mobiles (one a blackberry), and is looking to pick up a portable DVD player.
The white sands and blue waters of Mauritius tops her holiday destination but she is also looking forward to a cool hill station on her next trip.