BJP will win 50 pc seats in ULB polls, says DV

BJP will win 50 pc seats in ULB polls, says DV

BJP will win 50 pc seats in ULB polls, says DV

Former Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda expressed his confidence on BJP winning more than 50 per cent seats in the Urban Local Body elections from 4,976 wards in the State and more than 45 seats from 60 wards in Mangalore City Corporation.

Inaugurating the BJP election campaign convention for Mangalore City Corporation at Town Hall on Thursday, Gowda said that BJP in its tenure has proved to be a role model as it has pooled money from various sources to the Urban Local Bodies and spent it intelligently on developmental work.

In the last five years, the BJP government under CM's special fund has released Rs 200 crore to City Corporations, Rs 30 crore to Municipal Councils, Rs 15 crore to Town Municipals and Rs 5 crore to Town Panchayats.

The State budget outlay has been increased from Rs 34.5 crore during the previous government to Rs 1.17 lakh crore in BJP’s tenure. '

The Congress government which ruled Mangalore City Corporation for 20 years has granted only Rs 430 crores. However, the BJP government has spent Rs 525 crores during its tenure in the last five years.

Pro-people initiatives such as Karnataka One, solid waste management, recycling initiatives, upgradation of sanitation, heath and cleanliness has been implemented.

Sakaala was also introduced during the BJP tenure and around 1.64 crore applications have been disposed in the last seven months, under Sakaala in the State. BJP has spent  Rs 1,566 crore in its tenure for drinking water supply systems in 58 cities, he said.

He further added that the election will be held on developmental agenda and the political turmoil that BJP faced will not reflect in the upcoming election. The BJP election manifesto was released by Karnataka Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker N Yogish Bhat.

Bringing of more civil services under the ‘Sakaala,’ recycling of waste water, setting up of service centres under 'Bangalore One' model, creation of slum-free state, maximising use of solar energy, upgradation of health facilities and treatment equipment, training centres for SC/STs are some proposed projects stated in the manifesto.