'Tabu is my favourite'

'Tabu is my favourite'

Honest admission

He is every heroine’s dream on-screen hero. In fact, last month there was a huge battle to star opposite him in the movie Prithvi.

Puneeth Rajkumar surely is one of the most wanted actors but ask him if there is any particular female co-star he felt he would love to act opposite, he says, “After doing the song in Raaj with all the veteran actresses, I don’t think there is anyone left. I am happy to work opposite any actress.”

“After all, there is so much talent in the industry.” But is there any actress he has admired from his childhood days and would jump at the chance to work with? “It would be Tabu, definitely.

She is such a great actress and hopefully, a day would come when I would be cast opposite her,” says Puneeth, who is also a huge fan of Angelina Jolie.

Currently, namma Appu has just finished the shoot for Raam and started shooting for Prithvi. He may be a busy man these days but he is also a satisfied one. “Working with such fantastic teams helps an actor improve with each film. In every movie, I am donning a different role,” says Puneeth. After films like Ajay and Maurya, this will be Puneeth’s third remake film. “Even though Raam is a remake of a Telegu film, we have managed to make a really good family entertainer with little changes to adapt to our culture,” he adds.
Prithvi too will see the Power Star in a promising role. Not revealing too much about the role he says, “Let’s see what Jacob has in store but I can promise one thing, that is, it will be something to watch out for.”

We sure will be waiting Puneeth.