High Court upholds land acquisition for HBCS

High Court upholds land acquisition for HBCS

The High Court on Wednesday dismissed a petition by some of the land owners, whose lands were acquired for the National Technological Institution Housing Society, and upheld the acquisition.

Justice Anand Byra Reddy, who heard the matter, dismissed the petition on the grounds that land owners are challenging the acquisition after a long gap of 25 years. “The society has already formed a layout and has allotted sites and, the members are not a party to the writ petition,” Justice Reddy observed.

Accepted compensation

The court further observed that the land owners have already accepted compensation and, it upheld the contention of the counsel for the Society, Krishna S Dixit.

The counsel submitted that acquisition in other cases, filed by land losers, has already been upheld by the division bench of the Karnataka High Court and the Supreme Court. The State Government had acquired 181 acres and one gunta of land at Sahakarnagar in favour of the Society in 1988-1989, which was challenged by the land owners in the High Court.