Roofing tiles are in

Roofing tiles are in

The ubiquitous roof tiles, known as Mangalore tiles, are back in the reckoning. In villages and towns, these tiles are used as a roofing material.

Now it has become fashionable to have sloped roofs, though concreted, to be covered with tiles for enhancing the aesthetics. Sometimes, the curved chazza over the windows have similar decoration, which also serves for draining the rainwater.

Tiles come generally in red colour and are fixed over the inclined or even plain surface in an overlapping manner to facilitate rainwater run off. Where possible, glass roof tiles could be used that lets in natural light into the interior. Tiles could also be used to enhance the aesthetics of any exposed or covered surface. Tiles add colour and design to the exterior surface.

Some of the tiles that are available are clay tiles, concrete tiles, glazed and coloured tiles, hand-made ceramic tiles and slate tiles.

Clay tiles come in a variety of colours to choose from, though red appears to be the favourite and readily available.

The sizes could vary depending upon the manufacturer, though popular sixes are readily available. Water absorption by tiles is minimal and could be used in any climatic condition.

Roof or weathering tiles are meant for thermal protection as well as protection against rain by leak proofing. Laying tiles is a skilled job and work should be entrusted to experienced and trained workers. If it is a maintenance job, then care has to be exercised in seeing that the damaged tile is removed carefully and replaced with a new one.

Often the repair is carried out a few years after the roof has been constructed and the exact tile that was originally used is hard to find in the market. That’s why it is preferable to order extra tiles and keep these in storage that could be used when needed.