Juggling different roles to perfection

Juggling different roles to perfection

Juggling different roles to perfection

For a change, actress Priya Hassan will be seen indulging in something she has never done before. In her latest production ‘Smuggler’, Priya is playing two totally opposite roles.

“People have always seen me in an action role. Now, I am experimenting by doing action and a traditional role in the movie,” Priya tells Metrolife. 
The film is directed by Telugu director Veeru K. “I was impressed with the storyline. It has a bit of everything — action, comedy, romance and suspense.

The story is woven around smuggling and its repercussions. The people involved in smuggling and the tactics they use to get things done have been captured in the film,” she explains.

The story is about how everything under the sun can be smuggled and exchanged except a person’s heart.

“It’s hard to play with someone’s feelings and you really can’t smuggle hearts. There’s enough dose of action and romance in the movie,” she adds.  
This is the first time that Priya is playing a double role and she says the most challenging part of the character is trying to strike a balance between the two extreme emotions.

“On the one hand, I am playing the anti-heroine and the other role demands that I slip into a traditional Iyengar girl’s role. The two roles gave me a chance to explore and exploit the actor in me,” she says.

The many tomboyish roles that Priya has played in the past have earned her the reputation of being a rough and tough person. But Priya doesn’t think twice before saying, “I am no rough person but after essaying a couple of tough characters, it’s now hard for me to easily slip into a traditional role.” 

Priya recollects that she had the toughest time trying to tie a sari in true Iyengar style. “The person who was supposed to help me tie the sari didn’t turn up at the last minute during the shooting and I had to learn how to drape the sari myself. That was tough but after all the trouble I took, I really liked the way I looked in it,” she observes. 

Priya dubs her experience of juggling umpteen roles as ‘different and difficult’.
“Imagine acting, getting behind the camera and making sure your money is not wasted! It is tough. This time I’ve handed over the direction to someone else and have taken up acting and production,” explains Priya.

The only thing she hasn’t dipped her fingers into is singing, which she intends to do in one of her future productions.