100 more cameras to keep tabs on traffic

100 more cameras to keep tabs on traffic

Around 100 traffic surveillance cameras will be installed at the busy junctions across the City.

“Tenders have already been called and within two or three months, the project will start.

A few of the areas that have been identified for setting up of surveillance cameras are the road near Jyoti Café (Shivajinagar), City Market, Nagavara Junction (Outer Ring Road) and Russell Market,” said M A Saleem, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic). 

The traffic surveillance camera collects real time video from the specified locations by using Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) dome camera system and transmits the image to the traffic control center through an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The estimated cost of the project is Rs seven crore. 

“There are currently 172 traffic surveillance cameras and the connectivity charges are very high. Hence, I have suggested a few higher officials to consider using optical fibre cable (OFC) instead of the normal copper cables. By using the OFC, the recurring costs of the connectivity will reduce significantly and bandwidth will be unlimited.

A lot of research has also been done in this regard,” said Kasim Raja, the Frazer Town police inspector.