AIBA expels Indian doctor

AIBA expels Indian doctor

Boxers told to wear plain jersey in Asian Junior Championships

There seems to be no respite in sight for Indian boxing as AIBA removed official team doctor Nirmolak Singh from the playing arena and also barred boxers from wearing India jersey at the Youth Asian Championship in Subic Bay, Philippines.

After AIBA’s objection, Nirmolak was forced to stay in a private hotel and the boxers had to buy new plain jerseys from the local market.

The AIBA has clearly stated that no Indian official will be allowed to accompany the boxers and coaches in any international competition.

The World body has instructed the organisers that the Indian boxers and Niormolak should not stay at the same hotel.

They have also objected to Indian boxers wearing the official team jersey which has sponsor’s name Monnet Group printed on it.

The AIBA has allowed Indian boxers to participate in competitions under the International Boxing Federation flag as Indian Boxing Federation (IBF) has been suspended.

“The Indian boxers had to buy new jerseys from the local market as they were participating under the AIBA flag and not representing their country,” a source aware of the development said.

“The players were asked to purchase new jerseys as the AIBA took objection to their sponsor’s name which is printed on their official team jersey. They also took objection to India written on it,” the official added.

When contacted, IBF’s Executive Director, Col A S Dagar said: “Last year when Indian boxers participated in the Youth World Amateur Boxing Championships in Armenia, the AIBA did not object to the boxers wearing official jerseys. I don’t know why they have objected this time. We weren’t aware that this could happen in Philippines otherwise we would have given them the plain jerseys.”

“They (AIBA) can refuse it. The boxers had extra money with them and they purchased it from the market. We will wait for our coaches to file a report on the development once they come back. From next time onwards, we will not give them India’s playing kit,” he added.

The move to send Nirmolak with the team was aimed at opening a dialogue process with the AIBA president on the sidelines of the championship as Dr Ching-Kuo Wu was expected to visit the venue during the March 10-16 event.

Suspended IBF secretary general Rajesh Bhandari was warned by his collaegues not to send Nirmolak but he did not pay heed to their advice.