'Ineligible' Narsi is the link between IABF and AIBA 

'Ineligible' Narsi is the link between IABF and AIBA 

The man who is currently acting as a link between the suspended Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) and the international body (AIBA) is surprisingly ineligible to do so as he is not an IABF member.

Kishan Narsi, who has been India’s representative in the AIBA Executive Committee for eight years, was a vice-president of the IABF more than a decade ago but not anymore.
Not being an IABF office-bearer makes him ineligible for the membership of the AIBA EC as well. But he continues to hold the position even though his status right now says “suspended due to India’s provisional suspension”.

Interestingly, the suspended set of office-bearers in the IABF have declared him their communication link with AIBA as the world body has refused to even exchange any mails with the current secretary Rajesh Bhandari.

The AIBA Statute clearly states that for an official to be an EC member, he has to “be nominated by their respective National Federation and hold office as a president, vice-president, executive director, secretary general, executive committee member, honorary president or honorary member of the National Federation, having been validly appointed in accordance with the applicable statutes, constitution or bylaws of the National Federation.”
Quite stunningly, he has been working with the AIBA in amending the IABF constitution despite not being a member of the federation. How and why the suspended federation continues to persist with him is also a mystery.

“We should have informed the international body that he is not an IABF member anymore.
“AIBA does not act on its own, the national federation has to do so and inform them about the tenure of their EC nominee,” the source said.