Work out while at work

Work out while at work

Office exercise

Work out while at work

With computers becoming an indispensable part of work these days, most jobs involve sitting on the desk for long hours. Being stuck to one place and in the same position for a long time, causes damage not only to the eyes but to the body as well. You can develop lifestyle problems related to your physical as well as mental well-being.

Experts say that a few simple office exercises if followed regularly can keep you away from health issues for long. For this, you don’t need any special training or expertise – the only requirement is willingness to rethink routines.

Dr Atul NC Peters, Bariatric Surgeon and Fitness Expert informs Metrolife, “Firstly, sitting in the same position for a long time is very bad for your back. People in desk jobs are the first to acquire cervical problems. Secondly, it damages blood circulation.”
“Our heart works on a principal of muscular pump. When we walk, exerting pressure on the legs, the blood is thrown back to the heart. However, when we sit still for a long time, the blood in the limbs is not sent back to the heart, causing pooling of blood there and resultant oedema and pain. Therefore, constant movement of the body or at least periodic exercising is necessary.”

If nothing else, you can at least get up from your work station and walk in your office every 45 minutes to an hour’s time. Dr Atul says, “Just take a round of your office, walk to the printer, coffee machine, whatever suits you. It will ensure adequate blood flow to and from your legs.”

Next, try ‘Chair or table dips.’ Put your arms on the edge of your chair or the table, extend your legs and dip down. Do it at least 10 times a day. Just ensure that your chair or table is firm enough and holds the pressure when you are doing
the dips.

Stand (in a normal position) and then gradually raise yourself on the balls of your toes, just like you were trying to reach something high on a cupboard. “It works brilliantly on your calf,” says Dr Atul.

Alternatively, try ‘Vertical wall push-ups.’ Stand facing a wall, feet at least two feet away and palms firmly on the wall. Then fold the elbows to bring your face close to and away from the wall repeatedly. It will exercise your arms.

Other than this, you can also do some breathing exercises. Exhale forcefully for 10-15 times in a minute ala Baba Ramdev. It helps tone abdominal muscles.

Dr Atul says that in view long hours of working on the computer mouse, exercising of the wrists is also important. “Carry a thick face towel and every hour or so, squeeze it as if you were taking out water from it. You can also keep squeezing a small exercise ball in your palms. Small yellow colour smiley balls are commonly available in the market.”“None of these exercises can replace a total workout, which is necessary for the upkeep of the body. However, they can help keep lifestyle problems at bay for some time.”