Tihar plans psychological profiling of every inmate

Tihar plans psychological profiling of every inmate

After witnessing two cases of suspected suicides within a span of four days at Tihar Prison, the authorities for the first time have come up with a proposal to conduct ‘psychological profiling’ of the inmates.

“To spot such incidents, we have planned to carry out psychological profiling of the inmates lodged in the prison,” Tihar Prison spokesperson Sunil Gupta told Deccan Herald.   
The prison, that comprises nine sub-jails, houses around 12,000 inmates which is just the double of its capacity and maximum number of them are undertrials. At Tihar, 8,472 men and 415 women undertrials are lodged.

Earlier, a psychological study of the convicted prisoners was being conducted by the physiologist in association with the psychiatrists to assess the impact of reformative programmes over their psyche. But with the new proposal, the authorities will have a massive task ahead of them of doing their psychological profiles.

“It will take a few months time and for that we will rope in many psychiatrists to make each and every inmate’s profile,” Gupta said.

The officials have also directed the jail warden to interact with the inmates to help them in finding out the list of those having a ‘suicidal behaviour’. 

“Many inmates prefer to live in solitude and away from other inmates. Such inmates develop suicidal behaviour,” he said. Seeing this, every sub-jail warden has been asked to keep tabs on the inmates and communicate freely with them.  

After preparing the list of inmates who are under depression, the jail authorities have planned to counsel them with the help of non-government organisations and even the wardens.

“They will be given proper counselling so that they do not take any extreme steps and cope up with life,” he added.

The two incidents have also raised finger at the lax security apparatus of the prison. The authorities have also planned to install 250 more closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) inside the premises.

“It will help in monitoring the inmates’ activities inside the wards and cells,” said Gupta.
These steps are being taken after two inmates, including the December 16 prime accused Ram Singh, were found hanging inside the premises.

On Monday, Singh was found hanging in mysterious circumstances in his cell at the prison. Three days later, a 29-year-old woman undertrial  also committed suicide in the afternoon in sub-jail number six.