Stick to schedule, DC tells KSRTC, private bus owners

Stick to schedule, DC tells KSRTC, private bus owners

Deputy Commissioner N V Prasad on Monday said that the KSRTC and private buses in the district should mandatorily adhere to schedule.

Speaking at the RTA meeting here on Monday, he said  buses were given permits keeping in mind the interest of the public. The KSRTC and private buses should have a healthy competition. They should ply the buses and have good cooperation and coordination. They should follow the routes as mentioned in the permit.

Private bus owners association president Hosooru Ramesh Joyappa said that a few KSRTC buses are plying in the district without obtaining valid permits. The KSRTC buses fail to maintain timings.

He expressed displeasure over not considering the views of the private bus owners while taking up a joint survey on routes of the KSRTC and private buses in the district.

District Private Bus Owners Association Vice President Nanda Poonaccha said that the KSRTC buses are operating without permits for the last one and half years. With the unhealthy competition from the KSRTC buses, the private bus owners are incurring huge losses. “If the situation continues, then we will have to suspend our services on a few routes,” he added.


Private bus owner M P Changappa said that goods and maxi cabs are also engaged in competition with the private buses. There is a need to check unauthorised maxi cabs in the district.

RTO Mohammed Habeebulla Khan, inspector Venkatesh, Auto owners association president Medappa, SP M N Anucheth, AC G Prabhu, KSRTC legal advisor Rajeev Shetty , KSRTC depot manager Lakshe Gowda were present.