Beautifully barefoot

Last Updated 21 March 2013, 14:36 IST

Bored of wearing your regular flip-flops at home and informal occasions? A new kind of footwear is in town. Dump your slippers for barefoot sandals – the latest rage among the fashion conscious.

Quite a misnomer for sandals, they are more of a feet jewellery sans any bottom or sole. But, for the same reason, barefoot sandals make for a perfect, comfortable and yet glamorous footwear at home.

These were originally made for infants only – cloth or woolen mittens without a bottom covering - since they don’t need to step on the ground anyways. Made of various materials like silk, lace and cute props, besides their vibrant colours, they make for kids’ footwear.

With time, designers started to make them for women as well. All that one needs to do is slip the toe loop around your second toe and tie the two long straps around your feet and you are ready to turn heads.

Vicky Panjiar of Beautylicious label says, “They come in lots of varieties. You can either have a fabric – cloth, woolen, silk or lace sandal covering, or else go for one thread strung with metal balls, semi precious stones, swarovski crystals and even pearls.”

“They are absolutely perfect for lounging around on the beach or by the pool. You can wear them to beach weddings, costume parties, pool parties, yoga classes, belly dancing sessions - basically anywhere you don’t want to wear shoes but want to decorate your feet.”

Bejewelled barefoot sandals also make for nice wedding gifts. They go well with intimate loungerie. What’s more? They fit any size and shape.

One word of caution though. If wearing these sandals at a beach or anywhere outdoors, remember to slather on enough sunscreen. Barefeet sandals bare enough of your feet to tan them!

(Published 21 March 2013, 14:02 IST)

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