Villagers dig trenches to save crops, lives

Villagers dig trenches to save crops, lives

The agriculturists in villages surrounding Subramanya who are the victims of wild elephant menace that not only destroy crops, but also have taken a few lives, have now resorted to a new method to find solution to their problem.

The farmers in Ainekidu near Subramanya have dug trenches around their farm land to avoid the onslaught of wild elephants which gain entry into the agriculture land during night. Several villages in this part of the region including Harihara, Balugodu, Ainekidu, Kalmakaru, Kollamogru, Madappady, Subramanya, Yedamangala are severly affected due to elephant menace. Though the farmers have so far tried all other methods like bursting crackers, hanging chimneys and lamps in the farm land, placing instrument that makes sound, none of their attempts were successful.

Complaints submitted to the forest department officers and applications filed claiming compensation too have gone futile. As none of their attempts gave the expected result, the farmers took up the new task of digging trenches at their own cost.

They hope that the elephants do not gain entry into the farm land by crossing trenches. The 10 ft deep and eight ft wide trenches are dug by seeking permission with the forest department, abiding by the legalities.

However, it is not a small task to dig trenches around the land, but the task demands quite a huge amount. But the united effort of farmers is most likely to evoke a positive response.

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