Sex workers demand improved social status, better life

Sex workers demand improved social status, better life

Members of the Soukhya Sanjeevini Society took out a procession from Nandi Rangamandira till Ambedkar Bhavan on Thursday, protesting against the harassment of sex workers.

Calling it a demand for a ‘right to live’ (Namagoo Badukalu Bidi), the participants insisted that they had been denied basic rights given to human beings who are members of a society. “We too belong to this society, and have a right to be a part of it,” they urged.

Dr Babu Reddy, HIV/AIDS control officer, who spoke on the occasion, said, “Sex workers and even other women are being subjected to harassment of various kinds. This should come to a stop completely. Women, who are currently facing great levels of insecurity, should be given better protection.”

Driving away insecurity

He added that spreading awareness about health issues and providing better social status can help get rid of the sense of insecurity among the sex workers. Concurring that sex workers were a part of society, Dr Reddy said they should never be treated with contempt.

“The State and Union governments have both been implementing several projects to control the spread of HIV/AIDS,” said Dr Reddy, advising people to pay attention to health issues and live a healthy life. “This is the only way to have even a healthy society,” he added.

The Society members, who walked along the major streets of the City, also participated in the programme at the Ambedkar Bhavan.

City Police Station SI Vasanth, Myrada project manager Venkata Reddy, S Girini, Soukhya Sanjeevini Society district unit coordinator T Tulasi, president R D Shobha and others also joined the procession.