BU sets aside Rs 110 cr for staff salary

BU sets aside Rs 110 cr for staff salary

BU sets aside Rs 110 cr for staff salary

Bangalore University has estimated an expenditure of Rs 273 crore for the academic year 2013-14. A large chunk of it – Rs 110.77 crore – will go towards employee salaries alone.

This year, the university will focus primarily on security measures on the campus, besides completing construction works.

The budget estimation was passed by the Academic Council on Thursday.
The varsity has earmarked two crore for erecting fences around various departments to make the place more secure. Also, one crore will go towards installing CCTV cameras on the campus.

“We are also planning to instal solar lamps at Jnanabharati so that no place goes unlit at night. We have noticed that even those staying in the university quarters do not feel safe to walk here at night. This has to be changed,” said vice chancellor B Thimme Gowda.

According to finance officer Ramanna H, the varsity spent about Rs 224 crore last year (2012-13) from the allocated Rs 230 crore. This year, a deficit budget has been presented with an estimated expenditure of Rs 273 crore, while the receipt expected will be around Rs 267 crore, a deficit of Rs 6 crore.

Though the university expected a grant of Rs 110 crore from the government, the latter has agreed to grant only Rs 67 crore. The varsity plans to raise the deficit amount either through additional government funds or from donors. “Last year, we could not spend the entire allocated amount due to delay in some construction work. This time, we will ensure that the works are completed at a fast pace,” the vice chancellor said.

A sum of Rs 1.3 crore has been allocated for upgrading the library. The varsity plans to procure more books, e-journals and an array of periodicals. The library will also see an upgraded IT centre. Two new women’s hostels, one men’s hostel for commerce students, two hostels for North East students and a new building for the foreign languages department are some of the projects expected to be taken up this year.

Besides, about Rs one corer has been set aside for the construction of a PG centre in Ramanagara. The varsity is also mulling over enabling Wi-Fi on the campus.

“Due to security concerns, we may not be able to make the entire campus Wi-Fi-enabled, but we are looking at hotspots in different departments,” the VC said.

Varsity to set up subject expert panel

Bangalore University has decided to set up a committee of subject experts to look into lacunae in each department.

The university, which will be applying for NAAC accreditation soon, has begun assessing its various departments through the Academic Administrative Audit Committee (AAA Committee). The committee will look into the merits and areas of improvement in every department and submit a report to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

The university will set up a subject expert committee to improve on areas mentioned in the AAA Committee report. A decision to this effect was taken at the Academic Council meeting on Thursday. The AAA Committee report will be ready in another two months, said vice chancellor B Thimme Gowda.

In an attempt to increase the accountability of PhD guides, the university has decided to take an undertaking from the guides stating their responsibility towards the candidates enrolled for PhD programmes with them. “If the professor concerned knows in advance that he would not be in the same institution for at least two years from the time a candidate has enrolled, such professors should not enrol candidates for research. Also, those who are about to retire should stop taking candidates for research two years before their tenure ends,” Gowda suggested. With regard to syllabus change, the university has decided to have industrialists on the Board of Studies of every department so that the syllabus can match the market requirements.