Play a safe Holi with organic colours

Last Updated 26 March 2013, 20:54 IST

This year, celebrate a safe Holi, using organic colours.

The occasion brings people from all walks of life together, essentially celebrating the victory of good over evil.

In the earlier days, gulal or the pink colour, was used in large quantities. Today, apart from these, colours like green, red, yellow and purple have made their way. Hostile colours like silver, black and golden are also being used.

Synthetic colours contain harmful chemicals that cause damage to skin and eyes.

“Synthetic colours contain chemicals and soot. Such colours can cause irritation, stinging and sometimes chronic allergy in the eyes,” says Dr Venkat Subramanium, Rangalakshmi Nethralaya. Sometimes they can cause tiny boils in the eyes, he adds.
It is always advisable to play Holi with organic colours. And in case, one comes in contact with synthetic colours, then a few measures can help save the skin and the eyes.

“Most importantly, remember to wash the eyes immediately and thoroughly. One should not rub or just wipe them with a cloth,” advises Dr Arun Samprathi, a paediatric ophthalmologist from Samprathi Eye Hospital.

“Just normal tap water can be used to clean the eyes. Colours such as red and pink  used traditionally are easier to wash,” the doctor adds.

“Avoid using strong colours, especially silver and purple. They are stubborn and cannot be cleaned easily,” says Dr Subramanium.

Wearing plain spectacles can also be another precaution.

“There are a few things one can do before indulging oneself in the splash of colours. Apply moisturiser around the eyes and remember to wipe eyelashes with a cleanser,” he adds.

Doctors also advise using eye lubricants and anti-allergen tablets that are handy in emergency situations.

“If burning sensation persists, then visit an opthalmologist at the earliest,” says Dr Samprathi.

(Published 26 March 2013, 20:12 IST)

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