Overwhelmed by bittersweet memories

Overwhelmed by bittersweet memories

Graduation Ceremony

Jyoti Nivas College recently held its graduation ceremony for the batch of 2010-13. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, yet filled with nostalgia as the graduating students, dressed in white, assembled together on campus for one last time.

Heart-warming: Students participating in the candle ceremony.

The ceremony commenced with the procession headed by principal Sr Elizabeth C S.

“Duty, truth and loving kindness must form the core of your personality and be what you take with you when you leave the portals of this college. Be committed to whatever you choose to do in life,” was the principal’s message to the gathering.

Valedictorians from each of the streams addressed their peers and urged them to prepare themselves to step out into the world and face any challenges it may throw at them. Anecdotes were also shared, that stirred bittersweet feelings among the graduates. The final-year students were then treated to a heart-warming musical put up by their juniors, which brought back memories of their fun times in the college — bunking and attendance woes were shown.

Following this was the candle ceremony conducted by the principal, in keeping with the college’s motto ‘let your light shine’ and the pledge was administered to the graduating students. The event concluded with the benediction of the outgoing students, which was performed by Fr Joe Thannickal.

“It was a very touching ceremony. What the juniors did for us was brilliant. During the candle ceremony, while passing on the light, I felt a sense of sharing knowledge. It was a very moving experience,” says Nisha, a final-year communicative English, optional English, psychology (CEOEP) student.

For those who had spent the past three years in the college hostel, the parting was even more emotional. “The time I’ve spent here has been very instrumental in shaping my life. I’ll miss the college and all the fun we’ve had as well as my friends from the hostel,” shares Sonali, a final-year history, economics, travel and tourism (HETT) student.