A new friend

A new friend

Ive summoned up the guts to follow the sensible start-up advice of my brother.

Yes…I think I can now comfortably declare the computer and I fairly are compatible, though all said and done, I still stand in awe of this wonder of man’s inventions, an incomprehensible enigma to my technologically challenged mind. Being a self taught senior who lacks patience and suffers the stiffness of arthritic fingers, I was not initially in my comfort zone with this mindboggling machine.

For a ‘not know how’ like me, it was a mega challenge to first learn to operate this wilful gadget and to command it to execute my instructions, The only plus point was my speed at typing, thanks to my perfect memory of the keyboard; this a vestige of the classes I’d been forced to attend during the six month vacation between high school and college.

Presently favourable is the fact that I’ve finally learned not to panic when the computer frequently ‘does its own thing’, no doubt as a result of some slip of my wayward bent fingers. Fortunately an SOS to bail me out of tricky situations, is within instant reach by phone or email to my ever willing tech savvy friends, who are early morning computer users like me. Additionally, I’ve summoned up the guts to follow the sensible startup advice my brother Peter had given me years ago to read the symbols and explanations at the top toolbar, and to use the right click of the mouse for several helpful functions. Quite simple really…

Basics in place, I’ve been venturing into more demanding and time consuming efforts like creating personalised greetings and fundraiser appeals etc. For these, I’ve been fortunate to receive the creative assistance of obliging family spread around the globe, mind you, with photographs and copy contributed by me and edited by them flying to and fro till the final work is produced. Such fun and fulfilment for me, though I guess I must be inviting the ‘Oh, not again, Jackie,’ subtle curses of all these younger folk busy with their own lives each time I approach them.

Be rest assured buddies, that it is still my resolution at age 63 to learn to churn out these artworks myself. For this I’ve installed the necessary software, also a printer with scanner which I’ve learned to use, as well as to load in photographs that I shoot. Quite some achievements in the recent past, so hopefully this ambition will see realisation! Incidentally, I’ve downloaded the Smilebox software to get me started. And then who knows, it’ll be Power Point presentations next! Talking like quite a professional already, eh?!

On to another computer highlight in which I delight - Facebook! I interact with likeminded folk, and depending on the mood, it may be on subjects either serious or mundane.

People are most important in my life as a single person, and you the computer has come into it at a most appropriate time, when my arthritic fingers cannot write as easily and at the desired length as before. Now, my index finger on the left hand which flies across the keyboard, and my ‘swan neck’ deformed right index finger to operate the mouse, surely satisfy all my writing needs, so - To the computer, my friend - cheers!

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