'Serial killer' was tight-fisted on wives' spending

'Serial killer' was tight-fisted on wives' spending

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mohan Kumar’s third wife Sridevi said that a police team which arrived around 3.30 am on last Tuesday, took away all the written materials from the residence that includes a few documents, books, his personal handbag and a few CDs (Sridevi’s brother works as an electrician and she claims the CDs pertained to music.
However, they don’t have a CD player at home).

“The police have taken all written material including our home telephone directory following which we are finding it difficult to even contact our relatives or friends for any help,” she rues.

However, police have not taken any written material from Mohan Kumar’s second wife Manjuala’s house in Uppala in Kasargod district.

“When police knocked the door and told me what happened, I begged them not to come inside as I did not want my children to see their father hand-cuffed. The police took my mangalasutra and ear rings as my husband asked me to give it to the police and accordingly I gave the same and the police left the place,” she said.

To a query on whether Mohan Kumar was maintaining any diary, both the wives are clueless. “We have never seen him writing any diary or anything at home at any point of time,” they said.

Interestingly, according to Manjula, Mohan Kumar would ask account of everything. “He used to give me Rs 50 or at the most Rs 100 to recharge my mobile every month and I was supposed to manage the same for more than a month, failing which he would get upset.”

Similarly, he (Mohan Kumar) was so meticulous that if he gave me Rs 50 to go to market, he would ask all the details on how much I spent on what, that included the bus fare of Rs 3 or Rs 4, she recalls.

‘No eye witness’

According to a few criminal lawyers in the City, police will find it difficult to build strong case against Mohan Kumar as there are no eye witnesses in even one out of 19 cases. “Whatever proof the police have succeeded in collecting is said to be only circumstantial evidence which may favour Mohan Kumar, if he manages to get a good lawyer,” an advocate told Deccan Herald.