You will know my leader in a week: Karunakara Reddy

You will know my leader in a week: Karunakara Reddy

Both the brothers are tight-lipped when asked about their grouse against Yeddyurappa. But, they are busy showing their strength by holding meetings with their followers. Excerpts from an interaction with Deccan Herald on Tuesday:

What exactly are your complaints against the CM?

We will say when the time comes. The whole state is watching how the CM is functioning, and I need not explain it.

Why not now, if you have serious differences with the CM? It is said your camp is into blackmailing the CM to further the mining business.

Now our focus is on constructing houses for the poor, and not on our problems. Why should we blackmail anyone when we ourselves are in politics and holding responsible positions?

Have you invited the CM for  inauguration of house construction programme on Wednesday in Bellary?

We have not invited him. He is preoccupied with his engagements.

Then, who is the chief guest?

Myself, Janardhan Reddy and Sriramulu.

Are you opposing the proposed truck toll?

It is not an issue. Besides, as a full-time politician I know why the toll is being imposed.  

How many houses are going to be built and how much money has been raised from mine owners for flood relief?

As many as 73 mine owners will contribute Rs 400 to 500 crore. The government has acquired land for construction of houses and we will go ahead with it.

Yeddyurappa rolled out a red carpet when Andhra Pradesh CM Rosaiah came to Vidhana Soudha. Are you peeved over it because you had business ties with late Rajashekar Reddy?

Rosaiah’s visit has nothing to do with the present problem. I and my brother were not present in Vidhana Soudha when the AP CM met Yeddyurappa. We had kept the CM informed about it. We were into mining even when Chandrababu Naidu was the CM. So, how does it affect our business if Rosaiah heads the AP government?  

Are you still nurturing the ambition to become CM? Do you still consider Yeddyurappa as your leader?

I have no plans to become Chief Minister, but, you will know who would be my leader in a week’s time.